Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I recently went to Whitby for a little weekend break and it has provided me with some fresh inspiration and ideas! There was so much beautiful scenery and being by the sea gave me some ideas for an animation, I took a lot of photos of the sea and the waves moving backwards and forwards that I want to use as a starting point for some new stop frame work. I also visited Robin Hood's Bay which had loads of tiny back streets with crooked houses and shops with colourful doors which I loved. Here are a few of the photos I took, I'm excited to start planning some Whitby inspired work; I think the traditional seaside town is a great starting point for some fun illustration/animation work.

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  1. These photo's are lovely, I love Whitby but Robin Hoods Bay is my favourite place on Earth, it's beautiful!!! I stayed there once in a tiny fishermans cottage called The Little House, it was so quaint, the house was about 10ft square on each floor! Your mentioning of Robin Hoods Bay makes me wanna go back right now!
    Carry on with the lovely work!
    Anna x