Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Flamingo Arts Project

I'm currently involved in the Flamingo Arts Project, an exhibition taking place in London at Betty's Cafe in Dalston. The exhibition is a showcase of the work of 8 illustrators that have been/are soon to be featured in Flamingo Magazine. If you can't make it down to the exhibition though DO NOT DESPAIR! As the prints are all available to buy here:


The opening night of the exhibition was a huge success, packed until the end and I managed to speak to a few lovely creatives throughout the evening!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


If you're in London in the next couple of weeks (or if you live there of course!) then pop down to the Flamingo Arts Project, it's an exhibition showcasing the work of various fantastic illustrators (I am one of them) it's run by Flamingo magazine who have been very supportive of my work which I very much appreciate. It opens to the public on the 26th August (or you can email the magazine about the private view on 25th August) and most importantly it's on at Betty's Coffee Shop, 510b Kingsland Rd, London, E8 4AE.

Read more about the exhibition here: http://www.flamingomagazine.com/the-flamingo-arts-project

Whitby Drawings

This week I had a few free moments so I decided to do some paintings/drawings from the photographs I took in Whitby earlier in the year. I found a few bits of greyboard in my drawers and thought I'd use them rather than paper, I think the rough texture works well with the seaside imagery. Here's the 4 that I've done so far, I might try and do some more in the future but from tomorrow onwards I am BUSY so it'll have to wait.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Postcards from Europe

Today I sent off my postcard for Postcards for Europe, a project my good friend Kat is involved in, the brief was to create a postcard based on the place where you live and work. I was a bit stumped about what to do, most of my time is split between home (Warrington) and Manchester where I work part time and spend nearly all of my free time, I have to do my creative work at home though. I wanted to try and capture the two 'worlds' in 2 simple images, the tracks for all of the travelling (this is probably when I think the most!) and the old garage is the view from my desk. I've never used it in my work before but it's something that I've always been fascinated by since I was a little girl and I have a really vivid memory of being told off by the owner of the garage for playing behind it. As I always find myself staring out of the window at it willing for something to come and inspire me, the garage seemed like the perfect item to sum up my working home. Anyway here is the postcard:

I just hope it arrives in time!

Here's the project blog: http://postcardsfromeurope.tumblr.com/