Monday, 12 September 2011

Hot Pots and Pies

I recently submitted an illustration for the Wrap Paper 'Hot Pots and Pies' brief (unfortunately the feature got pulled from the issue) the brief was to illustrate your favourite wintery meal, the aim was to get 40 different illustrations. My meal could never be called a recipe because it is all ready bought things but it's possible to make it all from scratch. It's a good Saturday lunch if you feel like eating LOADS and one of my dads favourites: the pie in soup. The best combo is a butter pie in tomato soup as they go perfectly together. Anyway I didn't want the image to go to waste so here is my entry.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Another Whitby Drawing

One more Whitby painting/drawing:

Postcards from Europe

This week Postcards from Europe blogged about me! Read the post here: I very much appreciate the mention!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Whitby Drawings

Some more paintings/drawings from my photographs of Whitby. I'm really enjoying working on greyboard with watercolours and pens, the paint and ink spread into the board because of the texture and I love the muted colours that it produces.

The Mill Press

Last week I did some work for the new issue of the Mill Press journal, a publication produced by the Mill Press which is an independent publishing house based in Manchester and London. The theme of the issue was Nude, I won't reveal what I did but I have a couple of snippets of the pieces to tempt you to buy the issue when it comes out! I'm also involved with the Manchester Print Fair which is being organised by the Mill Press. It takes place on the 25th September at Night and Day Cafe in Manchester. There's going to be stalls and an exhibition (I have half a table booked so the Emma Brown Owl goods will be for sale!) so have a peep at the website for more information.

Here's the previews of the new work: