Thursday, 16 February 2012

International Drawing Project

Today is the launch of the International Drawing Project, an exhibition celebrating and demonstrating the importance and diversity of drawing, for a better explanation of the project and the exhibition follow the link below!

Anyway I have a few pieces of work featured in the show, I'm screening 2 of my animations and some of my Crufts inspired pieces will be on display, including some new dogs! The event sounds completely different to any other exhibitions that I've been to or been involved in so I'm excited to see how the evening unfolds.

I'll be blogging some time next week about my experiences hopefully with some images. Here's the link to the info about the project and the details about tonight: International Drawing Project

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Over the Christmas period I went away with my parents, we stayed in a really lovely cottage in a quaint little village called Lytton (I think, bad memory!). During this time we went on a few walks and I took my camera with me on one of these walks. This was actually a bit of a mistake as it was really windy and at one point the lenscap blew out of my hand. Anyway I took some photos of the hills and rocks and over the past few weeks, when I've had a spare moment I've started to paint/draw some of these scenes. I just really wanted to use some colour and do something creative, I feel like I've been so busy recently I haven't had time to enjoy drawing and painting. Anyway here's a couple of them and one that I photocopied and worked into more.