Sunday, 27 November 2011


Throughout December I have some work for sale in Grotto Shop at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester. The Grotto is a pop up shop selling work by local artists, designers and creatives including prints, t shirts, bags, cushions and various other handmade pieces. I'm selling my Crufts print, the Curious Streets print, the fox bag and 4 different badges. All of my items are under £6 so perfect for stocking fillers for Christmas! The centre is open 10-5 Tuesday to Saturday so pop down to see what else is for sale, there's some really lovely work available.

Here are some images of the items that I have for sale:

and here's a link to the Grotto Facebook page: GROTTO

Thursday, 17 November 2011

'Tis the season....

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on some Christmas card designs as I'm doing another stall in a few weeks (more about that soon!) and I wanted some Christmassy editions to add to the rest of my stock. As I have quite a predominant animal/bird theme throughout a lot of my work it would seem weird not to continue with that so I chose some Christmas themed birds as my starting point. I wanted the colours to be festive without being forced and luckily all of the birds had very warm coloured feathers. I developed them further as I wanted something a bit more fun and more obviously wintery so I added some hats and scarves to the little birds. Here are some screenshots of some of the patterns I'm considering for my final card designs:

The cards that I'm printing using these patterns will be miniatures (approx 7.5 x 10.5cm) if you're interested in buying any of the cards please don't hesitate to contact me! My contact details are on my website.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Last week I stayed in a cottage for a few days near Settle in Yorkshire. It was such a lovely holiday as I was outside so much walking and enjoying the countryside. It made a great change from sitting in my studio (my room) all cooped up with about a whole house worth of stuff in one room with me.

I took some photos to hopefully use as a bit of inspiration for some drawing, the colours alone make me excited to do something based on the images. I love the dark and gloomy looking grey skies contrasted with the burnt orange and murky greens of the hills. Here's a selection of the photos, I started to use a giant roll of paper as a new sort of sketchbook today so hopefully I can use it to capture some elements of from the photos, I've already been playing around with some inky dry stone wall paintings.

Flamingo Magazine

So today I finally managed to get hold of my copy of Issue of Flamingo Magazine (postal deliveries never go well for me). The issue contains a page about me! Or more specifically about the dog drawings that I did earlier in the year. I was really pleased that Flamingo asked to use the images, they even asked me to write a few words about why I chose to draw so many detailed little pups. I took some photos of the page (the light is terrible so I apologise) but if you want to read it properly then order one from their website. It's a really lovely magazine as there's a good mixture of articles about various areas of creativity and it's only £4.95! Also just as a reminder the Flamingo Arts Project Shop is still open and my hedgehog-crow animal merge is still available to buy!

Flamingo Arts Project Shop:
Buy the magazine!