Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hello to anyone who reads this blog, sorry for my lack of posting recently. I'm just a very forgetful person and my blog has suffered because of this! Anyway I've been busy working away with various projects, some of which are still ongoing. I can't really post any pictures unfortunately because some pieces haven't been published yet but there should be a couple of things coming out this month and I will blog them right away!

For now though take a look at the website Shirtload (click here!) where some of my drawings are currently on sale in the form of t shirts. You can choose the colour of the t shirt as well which I think is fantastic! I'll be adding more designs to the website over the next few months as I gather my thoughts and create some new drawings. At the moment the foxes (from Tee Twelve) have been rejigged and are up there, plus some new animal merges (farm animals), feathers, arrowheads...all sorts. My personal favourite is the Staffordshire Dog Figurine head, inspired by my love for the pair that my Nana owned when she was still alive. Have a peep at the website and keep checking back for more designs.

Also if you have a chance then take a peek at the interview that I did with Business Boom, a Bolton based website that helps to promote creative businesses and freelancers with features and interviews. Here's a link to the site: Business Boom