Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stall Stall Stall!

Last weekend I took part in a 2 day craft fair at Fred Aldous in Manchester selling my illustrated goods. It was quite a mixed experience really, I managed to sell a few bits, I was selling cards, postcards, prints, badge, bags etc. but overall it was a pretty quiet event. I got a lot of good feedback about my work though which was really lovely and a lot of people seemed interested which is always a good sign! I also spoke to some of the other stall holders who had some useful advice. I'm on the look out for another fair to take part in as I think it's a great way to get hand out business cards and display some of my work and I'm also working on opening an online shop selling the prints and bags etc so keep an eye out for that!

Here's a few images of the stall (taken on a phone unfortunately!)

I also bought myself a little treat from the stall next to me which was ran by Naoco Greenhalgh, she works with felt and had some really fantastic pieces for sale, I picked up a beautiful orange toadstool (which I will photograph soon and put on here!), Naoco was even making items during the 2 days and it was a fascinating to watch. Here is a link to her blog:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Next weekend...

I have a stall selling some illustrated goods at Fred Aldous, for more details about the event here is the flyer:

Please come along!