Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mill Co Annual Exhibition

I've been unbelievably busy for the past few weeks which is why my blog has been slightly neglected but I'm back with some new work!

During the end of September/beginning of October I created a piece for the Mill Co Annual Exhibition which is currently open in London at the Mill Co Project (Vyner Street, London E2) the brief was a huge challenge for me as it was purely typographical as the exhibition is part of a collaboration with Monotype. The brief was basically to do whatever I wanted with a choice of 3 typefaces: Akko/Akko Rounded, Rotis II Sans and Neue-haas-grotesk. Each typeface had a description by the designer and various weights and the rest was upto me! I chose to work with Akko Rounded and concentrated on creating something that encapsulated the designers view of the typeface through illustration. The final piece was a series of 4 A5 illustrated pieces based on a poem entitled 'The Feather' (by Lilian Bowes-Lyon) which I believe united the typeface, its description and the imagery. I wanted to create something soft and delicate that used the type as an extension of the images. The piece is currently for sale on the Mill Co website and is being shown at the exhibition until November 24th. Here are a couple of the pieces from the series:

Mill Co:

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