Sunday, 14 March 2010

Panic and animation FAIL

I started my Chekhov animation on friday and it was a massive failure which was a shame; I think I was really panicking about getting it done quickly and making it perfect first time which was just stupid really so I've done some more planning about how to improve things and make it easier to film and I'm going to try again next week. Fingers crossed it'll be a bit more successful.

Over the past 2 days I've also started work on the Panic brief for the Noise Lab exhibition. I'm focusing on panic faces and I've been asking people to pull exaggerated faces of panic for me to photograph. I want to do some papier mache fun 3D work again of some panicked heads so I want some photos for inspiration. Today however I've been working onto the photos that I've taken already; I want to do a few bits of experimentation before I start doing the 3D stuff though I haven't got a great deal of time. Anyway below are the photos that I worked into - they look quite interesting; I wanted it to seem as though the panic (and panicky sounds) were sort of emitting from the people.

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