Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wide Sargasso Sea Moving Image Tests

Over the past week I developed my Wide Sargasso Sea imagery by using projections and silhouettes to try and express a narrative that was easier to understand, I was really happy with the photos, they had exactly the kind of look and feel to them that I wanted to capture the inner turmoil of the girl in the book. I wasn't sure where to take them next though and John suggested I try some video work but through the shape of a little girl. I've been experimenting over the past 2 days using After Effects (never used it before eek!) and Photoshop to see what the images would play like through the shape of a person.

The images:
This is just a sequence of all of the images together that I quickly made using iMovie; all of the photos are portrait which means that they don't actually fit into the normal dimensions for video but I'm still going to try and make it work:

Test 1:
I did this quick test using the video above and a path on After Effects, the quality is really terrible though and I wasn't able to choose where the mask covered so it's in the same position on every photo which isn't something that I wanted.

Test 2:
This was also using After Effects and this time I used the actual photos and inserted them as a sequence, the timing is something that I couldn't work out which is why it goes incredibly fast and then is just black at the end. This is obviously a HUGE problem and again I wasn't able to position the mask myself and it always ends up being too big. The photos are pixelated again so all in all not going too great.

Test 4:
I managed to slow the time down on this one and the silhouette is stretched across the screen but this doesn't really improve things, the quality is terrible:

Test 5:
After some unsuccessful attempts using After Effects I decided to just try out the mask on Photoshop; this meant that I could position it onto the photo wherever I wanted and I was able to introduce text into the images. I don't like the size of the text on this sequence it's way too small. I slowed it right down though and the photos seem to be a bit clearer.

Test 6:
I edited the text on this to make it larger and more spread out on some, the photos are going quicker but the text is a bit slow. I do like the images though, they look really good through the silhouette.

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