Wednesday, 19 November 2014

HBP - Complete Printmakers: Mono Print

The first session of the course started with mono printing, a process where a very thin layer of ink is rolled out, the paper is laid face down on to the ink and another sheet of paper is laid on top. The drawing/mark making is done on the second piece of paper, the pressure of the pencil or pen through the layers of paper picks up the ink creating a reverse image with soft lines. The process of laying the paper on top of a large area of ink means that other marks are picked up and you have to be careful not to lean on the paper when you're drawing!

For my mono prints I used photos from various walks and trips over the past few years. I wanted to capture some of the textures of the scenery using dashes, dots and cross hatching with the basic shapes built up in line. My favourite is the coastal image (photos 8 and 9) with the green lines for the sea. The images are just on newsprint so they're quite fragile and have already begun to discolour but this simple print method is something that I want to explore further with other papers and subjects.

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