Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I was determined to improve my stop-frame animation skills this term and I wanted to try and do at least 1 animation for each project so over the Easter holidays I planned and filmed an animated version of my papier mache Panic heads and the 3d Enid Blyton creatures that I created during the first term. It was a bit of a challenge for me as I've never really storyboarded properly (apart from the Chekhov animation) and I didn't realise how much planning was involved in making something as simple as a 30 second clip of objects moving around a garden/wood but it was a learning curve so I'm pleased with myself for keeping going. I did both animations in one weekend which is something I will never be doing again as I have never been so tired in my life and I think I pulled all of my muscles from bending down so much. The Panic animation (below) took about half a day to do, I'm really happy with the outcome, I quite like the way that the shadows move across the screen and they change so often, it makes it look very obviously hand-made and not too clean cut which is perfect for the way that I work. At the moment I'm putting together some sounds for it, voices/background noise etc which is all new for me so I'm very excited!

The second animation for an extension of my Enid Blyton project is probably my favourite, I filmed it in the woods and the lighting is a bit more consistent because of this but it still has that really nice stop-frame jerky-ness to it that corresponds so well with my other work. I'm going to record some appropriate sound this weekend for this as well. I'm really glad that I found the time to animate these pieces as I think they work so well and it's a perfect addition to the project from last year which was a little unusual. Although it was exhausting work it was really worth it and I feel a lot more confident with my animation work.

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