Monday, 15 February 2010

More Chekhov + WEBSITE!

I've been continuing the Chekhov project this morning, I just wanted to post a few more images. I've done the last of the garden scenes for now and I've started on some figures. The first 2 are TERRIBLE, they're meant to be the 2 main characters; Tanya and Andryusha but they just look way too wooden and distorted, the lines are too heavy etc. The third figure is more successful, this is supposed to be Tanya as a young girl, there is a description of her as being quite heron-like. I want to continue with some figures but I don't know if I'll use them for anything, I'd maybe like to concentrate on silhouettes, especially for the possible animations.

ALSO I have now set up my website! After about 7 frustrating hours I managed to get it working, now I just have to upload work and make it all a bit more exciting but the hard part is over. I never want to hear the phrase 'FTP' again.

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  1. haha I agree about the FTP thing, and MySQL and database!! these drawings look lovely too x